Back to school already!

August 2023 –

August marks the time of back to school for most of us! Whether you are in college or grade school, it marks the start of a new year!   To get ready for back to school, I like to get all of my books and supplies organized a few days before school starts! Trying to find new classes, meeting new people, and learning new things can be challenging but you can set yourself up for success with just a few easy steps! Here are some things I like to do during the first few weeks of school…

First, I make sure that I meet and greet my teachers so that they are able to get to know me. This may help to make you more confident in class and you may even gain a mentor like I did in high school with my science teacher, Dr. Victoria Schulman.

Second, it is so important to get a good night's sleep! It's going to be a busy year!

Third, find people with similar interests! Meeting new people can be hard if you’re new, but is a place you can always come to find people like YOU! You are part of our community!! 

 Have a great year! Go get your STEM on!