Omg it's already December! 

First semester is coming to a close and you know what time it is? 

It's time for winter break! It's crazy how fast the first part of the year has already flown by. Take this time to rejuvenate yourself from the school year and have fun with STEM! 

You can use our resources to find new opportunities or to work your brain while you are out of school by downloading our FREE Brain Games for ages 7 to High School Seniors!! 

Have a great break and enjoy STEM! -       


P.S.   December not only marks the end of the year... but also signals the time for Graduating HS Seniors to submit their WeAreSTEMgirl Scholarship Applications! 

All Middle and High School student applications for the WeAreSTEMgirl Prizes are due too! 

Get your applications in ASAP!